Chirch Global® Manufacturing has 17 modern punch presses and two press brakes ranging
from 15 tons to 400 tons, with speeds up to 1100 strokes per minute.  Stampings are produced
in thickness ranges of .004” (.1016mm) to .375” (9.525 mm) in both ferrous and non-ferrous

Internal systems and process routing allows Chirch Global® Manufacturing to have flexible
shipping schedules to meet our customers’ shortened lead times.  Chirch Global®
Manufacturing can meet and fulfill customers’ JIT and Kanban procurement systems.
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Precision Metal Stamping
Precision Metal Stamping
Thin Gauge Stampings - .004” - .032” Thick
Medium Gauge Stampings - .033" - .064" Thick
Heavy Gauge Stampings - .065" - .375" Thick
Chirch Global® Manufacturing also has in-house
prototype and fabrication capabilities. These capabilities
allow Chirch Global® Manufacturing to satisfy lower
volume production runs.
Precision Metal Stamping - Engineering Information
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