Our quality is built into the product and the process from the very first day.  Our "New Product" process starts with
a full product and process evaluation utilizing Value Stream Mapping, 5S and Six Sigma practices in concert with
our TS requirements.  Our main goal has been and always will be Zero Defects leaving our facility, a goal which
we meet quite often.
Quality documentation for manufacturing processes includes, but is not limited to:
Layout Inspection
Process Flow Charts
Control Plans
Start-Up Inspections
In-Process Inspections
Final Inspections
Statistical Studies including Gauge
R&R and Capability Studies
Material Certifications with
Chemical and Physical Testing
All applicable laboratory equipment is
certified to ISO17025 requirements and is
N.I.S.T. traceable.
Chirch Global® Manufacturing's Quality Management System is currently certified to TS 16949:2009 and is a long
established certified system that passes even the most demanding of audits.  Our inspection practices utilize some of the
best inspection equipment on the market today including Zeiss and OGP.  Chirch Global® Manufacturing's inspection
personnel are the best trained in the industry.
Precision Metal Stamping
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